Why We Did This

We can’t thank you all enough for your support through this time. We realize there are many concerns about our new concept. And we would like to address those concerns to the best of our ability.

We-Angels-were actually at a crossroads with the impact that Covid had on our business. Ours sales were down almost 50%. We had over 50 employees. Many of whom have worked for us for the entirety of our years – 16. We have always respected our employees and treat them like family – and paid them well for the jobs they did. With the decrease in sales – we could not afford to pay them. Especially our kitchen employees – as they are salaried as opposed to tipped. We approached our kitchen manager about helping him purchase his own food truck or our possible closure. He picked the truck. So we are helping him manage and run his own business from his own truck. Preparing most of our Angel favorites. Yes – it is limited at the time – but we really just wanted him to get his feet on the ground first. We hope to offer some chicken fried options in the future. As well as a second Angel’s Taco Truck – owned by our kitchen manager as well.

We realize that this is not ideal for many of our long time regulars. We have tried to provide a system that makes it possible to order from your smart phone and have servers bring you you drinks. Making it that you will only have to leave your table once – to pick up your food. We know many of our customers are older and come with their families. Our hope was that the younger members would help with the retrieval and ordering of the food. And of course – if someone needed assistance we are happy to help.

We know change is hard. It’s hard for us too. We are listening to your comments and concerns. We hear you. We are also asking for your patience and compassion-and to give this a chance. We have always and will continue to flex where we can to make y’all happy. But please know this – the “old” Angels – what we were doing before – wasn’t working. We could not pay our bills. And we were forced to do something drastic in order to survive.

Our hope is that this “new” Angels will remain your family favorite hang out spot. We are still the same family friendly safe environment-offering a variety of food trucks cuisines & our home cooked meal options with a kid play ground, a full bar and live music outdoors under the Texas stars with the people you love and care about the most. Nothing beats that – to us. And hopefully to you.

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